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Top 20 High-Calorie Healthy Foods

Just like it is hard to lose weight, some people might find it difficult to gain weight. Intake of a higher number of calories can easily help you gain muscle without increasing the fat mass. Below is a comprehensive list of high-calorie foods that you can easily incorporate in your diet. 

Peanut Butter- Peanut contains a high amount of protein with 20 essential amino acids. It is one of the healthiest high-calorie foods that you can include in your diet.

Full-fat Milk- It is not only nutritious but also high in calories. If you are trying to gain muscle mass, full-fat milk can help you a lot because it is packed with essential minerals, protein, and fat.

Red Meat- Red meat, like mutton, contains an amino acid known as Leucine, which is responsible for stimulating protein synthesis and helps in gaining lean muscles.

Potatoes and Starches - One You can add potatoes in your diet as they are rich in carbohydrates and can help you to gain a significant amount of weight.

Salmon and Oily Fish - Though salmon and oily fishes are high in calories, they are an excellent source of protein. Consume baked, fried, or with salad for a tasty delight. 

Cheese - It is a dairy product and is an excellent source of fat, protein, and calcium. It is loaded with a high amount of vitamin K-2 and omega 3 fatty acids.

Pasta- Refined pasta is high in calories as it contains a high amount of carbohydrates and calories. Having too much pasta is not good for health. You can have whole-wheat pasta as they are healthy.

Avocado - Unlike other fruit, it is loaded with healthy fats and, therefore, is a great choice for those wanting to gain muscle mass.

Banana - It is rich in healthy carbohydrates, and if it is taken in the right portions, it can lead to significant weight gain. You can have it raw or in smoothies or shakes.

Mango - Mangoes are low in fat, but it can lead to weight gain because of high carbohydrate content.

Butter - It is high in calories (one spoon of it provides 102 calories). Butter has good fat in it, so you can have it in moderate quantities.

Full-fat Yoghurt - High-calorific value, and is dense, thicker than normal yoghurt. It does not lead to weight gain but can keep you full for a long time.

Chicken Thigh - The leg piece of chicken is juicier and yummier than the breast portion due to the high content of fat.

Dark Chocolates - A bite of dark chocolate is good for health. One regular-sized chocolate bar provides 200 calories. (Do not take in larger quantities).

Ghee - If you want to put on weight, have a tablespoon of ghee every day as it contains lots of Vitamin A and omega-2 fatty acids.

Olive Oil - Olive oil contains healthy fat which is extremely good for your health. One tablespoon of it provides 40 calories.

Bacon - One serving of bacon i.e. one slice of it provides 174 calories. It is one of the best food choices for people who want to gain weight.

Protein Bars - Helps in weight gain, high in calories ( per serving of it provides 150 to 250 calories).

Smoothies - Though smoothies are meant for weight loss, combining high-calorie ingredients like banana, milk, and yoghurt can be highly fattening.

Lobsters - A standard sized lobster will provide 110 calories. The fat content is low, and therefore you can have it without gaining unwanted fat.

So, if you are underweight and like to gain some, opt for these high calorie foods. However, overdoing anything is unhealthy. So keep the quantity within a limit. And do not forget to ask your doctor before starting anything.


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