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Top 6 Vitamin C Rich Foods & Drinks for Human Body

As the name suggests, Vitamin C is one of the effective water-soluble vitamins present in most foods, vegetables, and in some particular fruits. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants that have positive impacts on skin health and the immune system. Vitamin C is also important for the growth of your teeth, tissue, bones, and small blood vessels. But, our human body can't produce or store Vitamin C. Hence, we need to consume foods that are rich in vitamin C. In case you are confused about which foods or drinks contain vitamin C, check out the list below.

Rose Hips

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A small, tangy, sweet fruit present on the rose plant is generally known as Rose Hip. This particular fruit is rich in Vitamin C. Using rose hips oils for your skin works best for collagen synthesis. Additionally, it also protects your skin from sun damage, dryness, and discolouration.


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You will get 98 mg of Vitamin C from just a cup of strawberry slices, can you imagine? This juicy and sweet fruit is also the powerhouse of potassium, fibre, magnesium and folate. If you are feeling hungry or looking for a healthy snack, munch on 5-6 strawberries. Adding it is also beneficial to any cereals or salad. 


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Guava is a tropical fruit that has 126mg of Vitamin C. Due to the presence of antioxidant lycopene; guavas help in balancing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Therefore, it is always suggested to have guavas in your regular diet.


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Lemonade is the best drink that is highly rich in vitamin C and helps in boosting the immune system. In order to increase your metabolism rate, it is suggested to have lemonade daily. Just add some lemon drops in warm water with some honey and black pepper to make lemonade. You can also do the same in cold water and have it during the summer days.

Fruit Juice

Fruits like watermelon, litchi, orange, cherries, and pineapple are highly rich in Vitamin C. You can pick any fruit among them and make a juice to have it as your immunity-boosting drink.


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Another vegetable that is highly rich in vitamin C is broccoli. Broccoli is a highly nutritious food and therefore acts as a boon for human health. It can be eaten in raw form or cooked form. There are various easy cooking recipes for broccoli available on the internet.

Tomato Juice

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Tomato juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C. A single tomato can give you about 20 mg of it while the tomato juice, particularly the concentrated form has much more than that. 120 mg of Vitamin C is obtainable from a glass (8 ounce) of tomato juice. Besides Vitamin C, it has lots of lycopene and Vitamin A. So, you can drink tomato juice with the mix of vegetables which gives you a delicious taste as well.

Final Thought

That's it for today! These are some of the foods and drinks highly rich in Vitamin C, which is extremely necessary to maintain good health, skin, and immune system. It also prepares your body to fight against various chronic diseases. Go through the above list in detail and choose the best source to consume vitamin C for your body. And do not forget to let us know how you feel after having them for a week or so!


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