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List of Sprout Food and Right Way to Eat

We all eat multiple foods and items all day but sprouted food is very important for physical and mental health. Sprouts include Vitamin A,B,C and K, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and other minerals. They are rich in many nutrients. It include vitamin C which gives the power in body to fight from the disese and build immunity system. Sprouts cures diseases, easily absorbed by the body, a good source of instant energy, easily digestible and with lots of other health benefits. Also, it comes in everyone’s budget.

Sprouts are the soaked seeds and the starch of the grain sprouts gets converted into glucose and protein into amino acid and become easily digestible and generate strength in the body.

With the regular consumption of sprouted food, human beings look beautiful, healthy and disease free.

List of Sprout Food Items

Single Seed - wheat, barley, maize etc.
Bean Sprout - Soybean, mung bean, kidney bean, black chickpeas, white chickpeas, green pea, green moong pulse and mooth.
Seed and nuts Sprout - groundnut, alfalfa seed, pumpkin and almond.
Vegetable Sprouts - radish, broccoli sprouts, corns, clover and fenugreek sprouts.

All these sprouts are easily available in the market.

How to Make Sprouts

First of all, wash whatever should be sprouted and soaked in water in utensils for 12 hours. After 12 hours take it out of the water and tie in a piece of cloth. After 12 hours the sprouts will start germinating and now they are ready, wash it and eat it. Sprout growth is dependent on the seeds like mung beans grow very fast as compared to green beans. So do the steps according to the seeds.

When to eat and How to Eat Sprouts

Each food has its own time like eating breakfast within two hours of getting up, lunch in the afternoon and dinner the night before 2 hours of sleep. We should eat each food should proper time helps in a better digestive system.
  • We are talking about sprouts and for the proper benefits of sprouts, It is preferable to eat raw, uncooked and without salt. Because after cooking its nutrition value and properties get reduced.
  • The Best time to eat sprouts is in the morning but this can be eaten in the afternoon and evening also. As they are very rich in protein and enzymes. So it's good to be taken in the morning.
  • If anyone is not able to chew the sprouts then grind it into the paste and eat, so that saliva is released for facilitating its digestion.
Bringing freshness and energy to your body makes it a habit to eat raw sprouts on a regular basis.


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