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Standing Yoga Asanas to Improve Strength

Standing Yoga poses help to improve the stretching, flexibility, strengthening of back, shoulder, and leg muscles. Also beneficial for those who work long hours in sitting positions and they got stiffness or pain in the back. Anyone can do these asanas with some precautions. Now these yoga asanas and pranayama become a part of modern yoga and in this lifestyle, it's necessary to do yoga on a regular basis.
1. Tadasana Tadasana is the standing pose for all asanas.Tadasana is the form of Tad as it is tall similarly it helps to increase the height.
Steps to do TadasanaStand straight on your mat and take the little gap between your feet.Now inhale and raise up your both arms above the head by interlocking your fingers.Now raise your toes and stretch your arms.Keep your arms and legs straight and retain your breath.Exhale while lowering the arms and toe.Come back to a normal position then repeat this 4-5 times. Benefits of TadasanaHelp to increase Height.Open the muscles of your arms …
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Breathing Exercise - 5 Pranayama to Boost Your Immunity

Before going into any details there is little info about the immune system and why immune should be strong. The immune system is a set of cells and proteins that defends the body from infection and disease. To fight against infection and disease your immune system should be strong. There are lots of ways to keep your immune strong like diet, exercise, immunity booster food, lifestyle, yoga.

Here we are talking about the Pranayamain Yoga which is really helpful to boost your immunity. Pranayama is a control of breath. It's working in four forms:
Inhaling (Poorak)Exhaling (Rechak)Internal Breath Retention (Kumbhak)External Breath RetentionBelow is the list of 5 Pranayama
1. Bhastrika Pranayama (भस्त्रिका प्राणायाम) Bhastrika pranayama is a breathing exercise which is done by the process of inhale and exhale of breath. It helps to purify your whole body.
Steps to do Bhastrika PranayamaSit in padmasana or comfortably on the flat ground.Keep your back straight.Inhale (Take a deep bre…

How to Boost Immune System Naturally by Food

The current situation of the world is very bad which is suffering from one natural disaster of COVID-19 and this time everyone should be very careful for yourself and others. a little bit of caution and adjustment in our daily activities can bring about a lot of difference.
As per WHO, the virus is more likely to affect people who do not have a good immune system and fall sick quite often. During this time, which affects mostly old age people and children so you need to take care of your health and others so that no one will fall sick.
Below are some foods which help to boost your immunity system
1 Turmeric
Turmeric is already an alternate medicine for many diseases. Turmeric is the best immunity booster you can take this with a hot milk and in your vegetables

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2. Green Tea - In modern lifestyle everyone is having green tea and why not because It's loaded with antioxidants and which have lots of health benefits. Drinking green tea help to incre…